Its crazy how complicated we all make the golf swing right? All searching for that perfect way to start the downswing? That perfect way to start the swing? The move through impact to get lag and the hands ahead of the golf ball for a pure iron and driver strike?! Have we ever taken it right back to when we first started this wonderful game of golf? Right back to alignment and how that is the course of all bad golf shots!

Key questions that are covered in todays video are: How do i stop cutting across the golf ball? What drill should I use to stop slicing the golf ball? What is the move that courses the over the top golf swing? How to aim from the tee with driver? How do you aim with irons to hit the green from the fairway?

This is the key to start creating consistent golf swing and shots out on the golf course, it will also get you hitting it solid by hitting through the golf ball to target not being so dominate with the trail side causing those massive big slices out on the golf course!

In this golf lesson Alex Elliott shows you how to stand to the golf ball correctly and align your self to the fairway and align yourself to the flag on the green! This then leans into a simple way you can stop coming over the top and how the downswing is lead by our alignment. Create a swing easy downswing with this drill

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0:00​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Coming up
0:20 MASSIVE alignment mistake
04:02 SWING from inside
05:59 Start the downswing like this PGA tour pro

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