Golf Pride’s Concept Helix grip just might change your mind about changing your grips


Even though you should, odds are you haven’t changed your grips recently. Or ever. Odds are even worse that you’ve changed your grips by yourself recently. Or ever. Too messy, too many tools, too complicated.

It’s called Concept Helix, what appears to be a traditional rubber grip with a twist. Literally. The grip uses an internal rubberized metal screw anchor on one end, a bell-shaped opening on the other, a special butt cap and a horn-shaped expander tool that allows the grip to be slipped over the shaft and tightened without having to own or even come near a workbench vise. Instead it uses friction and the torque in the butt cap mechanism to lock the grip in place.

Somewhat of a proof of concept, this first version will be available in very limited quantities and mainly is designed to gauge interest at all levels of the game from golfers to clubfitters and retailers large and small, all of whom struggle with the tedium and sometimes persnickety precision a new grip installation requires.

In terms of an actual grip, the Concept Helix is a little meatier than a standard grip (at 66 grams it’s about 15 grams heavier than other Golf Pride grips and somewhat counterbalanced). It’s also slightly built up on the lower hand position similar to the company’s MCC Plus4 grips. The texture pattern and feel is designed to be similar to the company’s popular Tour Velvet grip.

“We continue to explore new technologies that benefit golfers, both on and off the course,” said Brandon Sowell, global director of sales and marketing for Golf Pride. “Concept Helix, in this regard, is this next step in exploration of best practices for grip installation.

“We are excited to get Concept Helix into the hands of consumers, get their feedback, and continue the extensive R&D process as we look for new solutions to lower the barriers to regripping.”

Sowell said while the Concept Helix grip doesn’t work with extra wraps of tape, isn’t yet offered in an array of styles or sizes and doesn’t accommodate performance sensors like Arccos, the goal was to produce a fully functioning grip featuring the new easy installation mechanism.

“The grip is designed to withstand the exact same amount of speed, pressure, etc., as a standard Golf Pride grip,” he said, indicating that more sizes and styles are in development. “It was tested extensively to do so.”

The Concept Helix grip system is now available for $10 per grip with a minimum purchase of three grips.

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