EFFORTLESS GOLF SWING Simple Move for easy power

THIS SIMPLE DRILL WILL UNLOCK YOUR POWER IN YOUR GOLF SWING – unlock your power now with this simple golf drill

Todays video is a LIVE golf lesson with Ian, a 22 handicap at the of the year and now playing of 13 handicap. what a season, this drill made all the difference to his golf swing. Listen and watch his full story of how he has now hits the golf ball 15 yards LONGER with all clubs and his take on how to best do this so you can improve your golf game just like him. That is add 15 yards to your short irons, add 15 yards to your mid irons and also driver the golf ball 15 yards longer. We see the pro’s on the PGA tour like DJ and Bryson hitting the golf ball so long now and it is the modern game whether we like it or not,. we need to our best to hit the golf ball longer with control to LOWER our handicap.

Today award winning PGA golf professional Alex Elliott lets you in on a LIVE golf lesson and the best ways to increase your distance with your irons and driver by 15 yards. Throughout this entire youtube video we talks through how to load and create power through the backswing, what is the best drill for this? How do you start the golf swing and stop fanning open the golf club face? What is the best drill to learn to shallow the golf club int he downswing and how do you start the downswing. This is all covered plus much more in the second video on SUNDAY swings

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This is a GOLF TIP that is perfect for all golfers no matter AGE or ability we can all make this better golf swing change, for greater increase in distance with driver and less curvature too. Key question that are answered in todays YOUTUBE golf instruction video are:

How do you hold the golf club? What is the best drill to hold the golf club? How do i hit the driver straight? How do i stop slicing the golf ball? What is the best drill to stop slicing the golf ball? What is the best drill to learn to hit the driver straight? How do you control the golf club face? What is the best rill to control the driver face? How do i because a more consistent driver of the golf ball? What is the best drill to increase consistency with driver? What is the best drill to increase driver distance? How do i drive the golf ball longer and straighter? So many more questions will be answered in todays video

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Hi I’m Alex Elliott, welcome to my YouTube channel AlexElliottGolf. My channel is all about you accessing your best golf ever and learning how to access that more often and become a great consistent striker of the golf ball, whilst having fun along the way.

I specialise in golf lessons, challenges and course vlogs!

All my instruction videos comes from my experience teaching golfers every single day on the lesson tee and my 3 years as a caddy on the European tour where i was exposed to the highest level of coaching to build a wealth of knowledge to now pass onto you!

I want you to play better golf and strike the golf ball like you now you can PURE. I cover a range of topics that include, How to hit he golf ball longer and straighter from the tee, Instruction videos on how to cure your slice with your driver, How to improve the strike of your irons and create that ball then turf divot, the keys to the stance with all clubs, How to start the swing correctly through simple takeaway tips, the sequence of the downswing and how to rotate through the golf ball, don’t forgot short-game tips such as: How to create spin when chipping, Master the bunkers from wet sand and how to hole more putts out on the golf course.

Tiger Woods, a Dustin Johnson, Brooks Kopeka or a Rory Mcilroy are some of the best DRIVERS of the golf ball and some of the longest hitting with the driver and irons on the PGA tour
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