Can you name golf’s most famous courses from these satellite images? Take our quiz


So you think you know something about golf courses, do you? You’ve played an impressive number on our America’s 100 Greatest list and have the first 25 memorized. A.W. Tillinghast’s birthday is marked on your calendar (May 7). You get angry when someone misuses “redesign” when they mean “restoration” and misty-eyed when you think about what came of Lido Golf Club.

Well, you don’t have to be an architecture buff to take our interactive golf course quiz … although it certainly can’t hurt.

Using Google Earth to gather these voyeuristically views of some of the game’s most famous courses, we’ve put together an 18-hole quiz to see how many of the top tracks you recognize from the air. These satellite images provide a different perspective on some of golf’s classic layouts, which have the potential to stump the uninitiated. But we know you all have a discerning eye.

After you’ve finished the quiz, check out your 18-hole score to see how big a golf course connoisseur you really are.

Graphic production by Ben Walton

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