My Game: Tiger Woods



For the first time ever, Golf Digest presents Tiger Woods in his own voice explaining how he does it. Authentic, candid, clear-cut, Tiger reveals the way he approaches the game. Just him, looking you in the eyes, and opening up about his thinking, his strategy, his motivation and his legendary golf swing.

• “My Game: Tiger Woods” is a new, 12-episode video series, taking you through the bag from driving to iron play to short game and putting. Woods explains how technique, practice and fitness training get him ready for any and every situation. Plus, he describes the mental and emotional strength to perform when the stakes are highest—and over a season, a decade, a career. This is where his insights and inspirations are unforgettable.

• Segments include Woods sharing how he secretly preps for majors and how his off-week routines keep his game sharp and energy high. You’ll learn the four driver swings he has developed and his unique process for picking shots and clubs into the greens—get ready to be amazed! And then there’s winning at Augusta, the special lessons from his parents and how he now shares golf with his kids. All told with introspection and candor.

• If you’re a Tiger fan, or just admire what he has accomplished in the game, this is an experience not to miss. It’s Tiger Woods sharing, in a way like never before, what has made him great.

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